Keeping your intellectual property safe – 4 things to consider

21 November

Following the recent John Lewis copyright accusation from illustrator Chris Riddell, here are 4 things to consider when fa...

Iceland versus Iceland

30 September

The frozen-food supermarket chain Iceland Foods may soon be facing a law suit from the Icelandic government over a trade mark dispute...


5 ways to get the most out of your Intellectual Property rights

25 April

5 ways to get the most out of your Intellectual Property rights.


The rise of the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court

30 March

The Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (“IPEC”) is a specialist UK Court designed for smaller Intellectual Property (“IP”) cases. 


The Popcorn Time injunction and 3 points to take from it

28 July

The High Court has ordered the five major internet service providers to block access to websites offering the popular Popcorn Time application.


Rihanna in landmark ruling

25 March

International music star Rihanna has recently won a landmark case against clothing chain Topshop.


Court finds that Betty Boop is protected by trade mark rights

03 March

In what is an interesting case (in intellectual property terms), the court has determined that the words “BETTY BOOP” and associated marks are valid trade marks, capable of protection, and that the defendants were liable for passing...

Intellectual Property: Hyperlink to free web content does not infringe copyright

08 February

The European Court of Justice has found that providing clickable links to other freely available internet content from a website is not a communication to the public of copyright works under Article 3(1) of the Copyright Directive.


Intellectual Property: Court rules that Amazon infringed LUSH trade mark

06 February

The High Court has found that Amazon infringed the ‘LUSH’ trade mark, registered for cosmetics, by using the word in its Google Adwords subscription so that users searching for the term would be directed to the Amazon website.

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