The annual appraisal – is it the end?

08 August


Do you dislike the process of appraising or being appraised?  Is there a large sigh around the office when the annual email comes around?

Many predict that the days of the formal annual appraisal are numbered, but why?


Far from encouraging and supporting people to do better, some have argued that the annual appraisal drives fear into staff and that the whole process causes stress, and sucks time and energy out of the working day.  Another allegation is that appraisals have a punitive focus, with the majority of comments being negative and retrospective.  The worry is that the annual appraisal has little positive effect on the performance of the member of staff.


It is becoming more common nowadays that instead of an annual meeting, HR professionals are recommending that more frequent conversations are held and feedback is given throughout the year. Suggested forums for feedback include:


  • - Hold regular meetings between managers and whole teams
  • - Link salary reviews with good performance
  • - Provide regular feedback sessions with individuals


Regular feedback with an individual (rather than waiting for the appraisal) can have a positive impact on the workers sense of achievement.  It is also worth noting that reward and recognition are not only measured in salary increases and that a letter of appreciation, an extra days’ leave or High Street vouchers can be equally effective.

Also, it should be noted that verbal feedback is more direct and honest than written feedback (which can be deemed impersonal).


Finally, when encouraging the performance of a worker you should always consider the individual’s motivation and inspiration and tailor your conversation accordingly.


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