Motivating your workforce

Thursday 14 June 2018

No.10, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ

4pm - 6pm


Technology, a faster-paced world, higher expectations, work-life balance and the gig economy have all turned that on its head. Now more than ever, the difference between what drives and motivates individuals is vast. 

Join Darwin Gray and Quantum Advisory for this interactive seminar on workplace motivation and flexible benefits followed by networking and canapes.





4.00pm – Employee benefits and motivation

4.45pm – Flexible Benefits

5.15pm – Auto-enrolment and retirement

5.30pm – Networking and canapes

6.00pm – Close



Damian Phillips, Partner, Darwin Gray

Fiona Sinclair, HR Consultant, Darwin Gray

Employee benefits and motivation

Baby boomers, generation X, millennials… the time was when a job for life and the promise of a carriage clock after 40 years of service was all that was needed to motivate an employee. So, what can you do to attract and motivate your employees, whatever demographic they fit into? Damian and Fiona will explore a variety of ways that employers are successfully motivating their employees to success, even if they only plan to work for you for 2 years…


Pauline Iles, Principal Risk Benefits Consultant, Quantum Advisory

Flexible Benefits

Pauline will introduce flexible benefits (flex) and will explain what they are, provide insight on why flex is becoming a more attractive option for SMEs and how flex can help employers provide the best employee experience to help drive levels of engagement and take-up.


Stuart Price, Partner and Actuary, Quantum Advisory

Auto-enrolment and retirement

Since the introduction of auto enrolment in 2012, nine million people have been opted in to a workplace pension in the UK, and last year saw a record number of people investing in their pensions. However, the focus for 2018 and beyond will most certainly be on increasing the amount being saved, with recent reports stating that the younger generation are nowhere near saving enough for their retirement. This will undoubtedly create a huge problem for our already over stretched State Welfare system with employers needing to take charge and educate their staff so everyone understands and can work together for a brighter, more prosperous future.


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